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Mr or Mrs?

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Are there any personality or character differences between male and female dogs and is one sex better to home than another is? Well I guess this comes down to personal opinion and choice really but in my own experience there are subtle differences; with regard to whether one is better than the other is, no all dogs are great, male or female.

Now the differences, which I have noticed, are not huge but they are apparent. Male dogs do generally tend to be more protective than females especially if they are close to a female owner; they usually develop a very strong bond that cannot be broken. Female dogs tend to lean slightly more towards a male owner than a female one. My own personal theory here is that the male dog feels its place is to protect the female owner and the female dog looks to the male owner as the higher one in the so-called pack.


Curious Canines

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Most of us have heard the expression, ‘Curiosity Killed the Cat’ this is not the friendliest of sayings for all the cat lovers in the world or indeed the cats! This same expression can also be applied to the dogs in the world, which are braver than brave and always seem to have their noses stuck where they should not be!

Generally, there are two basic types of personalities, introvert and extrovert, within most of the animal/human kingdom and the canine world is no different; some dogs are reserved and shy and others are ‘in your face’ and anything but shy. The introverts will run a mile when they hear a buzzing fly and dive for cover whilst the extroverts will do everything in their power to snap the fly up for a tasty snack.


With Brush in Hand

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Grooming a puppy can be compared with wrestling a crocodile, well okay so that might be a slight exaggeration and unless you have actually wrestled a croc lately then I guess it is an unfair comparison really; but those little, razor sharp teeth are like a smaller version of a crocodile’s!

The secret is to start grooming your puppy as soon as you can as this way they will accept the routine easier. If your pup already knows the basic commands such as sit and wait your task will be less of a battle, ask him/her to sit and take a small, light puppy brush and begin gently and slowly brushing your puppy’s coat. Now most puppies will view the whole event as a huge opportunity for a game, the one where the brush becomes the ‘hunted’ along with your poor hands.


Bath Time Bedlam

Friday, February 11th, 2011

When it comes to bathing your beloved pooch is it an organised, relaxed encounter? Or does it resemble a scene of complete chaos? Most dog owners will, if their honest, raise their reluctant hands to the second option! During my years as a dog owner I have dealt with the ‘dog jumping out of the bath covered in shampoo’ scenario which is always interesting and especially so when the said dog decides to take a tour of the whole house happily shaking shampoo everywhere as it goes. I have also bathed an absolutely terrified rescue dog and spent a good hour trying to convince her that the shower was a friend and not an enemy!

Dogs are strange little critters when it comes to water as many will gladly splash to their heart’s content in muddy puddles and swim in rivers or the sea but show them the bath and they are off at 200mph in the opposite direction.