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It is a sad sign of the modern times when we witness many people giving up their once beloved canine friends because they can no longer afford to keep them. Are there ways that keeping a dog can be made cheaper?
The answer is ‘yes’ most of it is common sense and ways to cut corners, of course you do not wish to cut corners so much that it has a detrimental effect on your dog’s health but there are methods that can be enforced without harming your dog’s wellbeing.

Firstly think about all the money that you spend on toys for your pooch. Very often we do this simply because we happen to like the appearance of a particular toy; perhaps it looks extra cute or squeaks more than other toys. Then there are the dog toys that are supposedly indestructible, yeah right of course they are, well perhaps somebody would be kind enough to actually explain the term ‘indestructible’ to my 2 dogs! They generally end up surrounded by a lovely collection of stuffing and a pathetic looking toy within the first hour of receiving it.

Look for soft toys in charity shops and jumble sales. Just your regular teddy bears intended for children, all you need to do is remove items such as beads used for eyes etc, etc. Trust me your dog will love the toy as much as if you had paid the earth for it.

Another cost cutting method is to cut down on your visits to the vet. Obviously your important trips for annual vaccinations and if your dog is poorly must still go ahead; I mean the little visits that you sometimes do for minor occurrences such as your dog limping. Try to ascertain what the problem is, half the time you will discover that a dog with a limp simply needs to rest their leg. Very often you will see the vet and they will say the same thing to you for the price of a consultation fee.

Just apply some common sense. If you can see that it is a serious problem then you must seek the advice of a vet but if it looks like a strain, sprain or similar then I would sleep on it and see how your dog is the next day.

You do not want to begin going for cheaper dog food options just because money is tight, you could however cut down on the amount of doggy treats you feed your pooch. This would be better for your wallet and for your dog’s health. Instead of jumping in the car with your dog to drive somewhere to exercise him / her how about walking from your front door? The exercise will do you both good and it is a lot cheaper than spending the money on the fuel.

So there are simple ways of saving money when it comes to your dog you just need to think carefully and look for the areas that you could honestly cut the spending. You will be surprised at how much can be saved without your faithful friend even noticing.

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