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Creatures of Habit

Just like you and I our canine companions like routine and order to their lives it makes them feel comfortable and prepared for what is going to happen next.
Your daily routine with your dog will be based around exercise, training, feeding, grooming and playing, not necessarily in that order! You will adopt a basic routine pattern when training a puppy naturally due to certain tasks requiring to be completed at the same time on a daily basis.

When toilet training a puppy you let them out into the garden after eating and playing and generally first and last thing at night so as you can observe there is already a routine forming. When you feed your puppy you need to do so at the same approximate times each day and the same goes with training sessions. By doing this at such an early stage of your puppy’s life you are introducing them to a routine.

If you think about wolves in the wild they live their lives by routines. As a pack they hunt together at specific times which are generally early morning and early evening and then they will spend their day as a pack resting and playing together. Once a routine is formed it is extremely rare that the pack will break from it.

Dogs need the stability offered by a regular routine, without one they become easily bored and we all know what boredom in dogs can lead to, destructive behaviour. Then this leads to another problem because your dog is ‘entertaining’ him/herself they learn their own negative routine. Usually starting with chewing something and ending with chewing something! Dogs are not easy to convince that their own designed negative routine is a really bad concept and that they would be much happier with your positive routine schedule.

They need purpose and structure to their day, dogs like to wake up and know what they are about to do. This does not mean that you cannot throw in the odd surprise for them of course, perhaps visiting a new area for a walk or going on holiday with your dog as I am sure they will not mind their routine being disrupted for a nice surprise just like you and I.

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