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Cool Canines

The summer is the time for long, relaxing walks with your faithful friend. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the temperature is rising; now the last part is the important part that does tend to be overlooked. You and I can pop a summer hat on our heads, smother ourselves in sun block and generally keep ourselves cool but our canine companions are not so fortunate.

Yes they can pant to cool themselves down but it is our responsibility to shield our dogs from too much hot, blazing sunshine. Now I am not saying that your dog should wear the latest fashion in shades or indeed that they need to carry a portable fan, it is down to us to ensure that they are comfortable in the heat. Now the first thing to consider is to always walk your dog at a cooler part of the day, do not take them out at midday on a scorching hot day.

The best times are before 10am and after 4pm because the sun is cooler at these times and it makes for a much better walk for both you and your dog. If you are lucky enough to reside in a location where you can include walking by water in your daily walk then this is great, most dogs love to swim and paddle in the water and it is a terrific method of keeping them cool.

You may not be aware of this but dogs can be sunburnt just as we can and they can be protected by using sun block. Apply some to your dog’s more vulnerable areas such as his/her ears and nose; if your dog happens to be a light colour then they will be more susceptible to sunburn. Just as lighter haired and fairer skinned humans are more likely to be sunburnt quicker than dark haired and dark skinned people. If you do discover that your pooch has caught the sun and their skin appears to be red or, even worse blistered then the best course of action to take is to consult a vet immediately for some advice.

Take some fresh, drinking water with you and offer your dog a lovely, refreshing drink after his/her walk. If your dog likes to spend a lot of time outside in the garden during the summer months ensure there is a shaded area available and that you leave some water outside in a shady place. A lot of fun can be gained by offering your dog his/her own pool, just a simple child’s paddling pool will do. It can be filled with water and placed in a shaded area outside for your dog to paddle in or to flop out in! If you do not have a water ban in your area then grab the hosepipe and hose your dog down on a hot, summer’s day most dog’s love this just be careful of water going directly into your dog’s eyes and ears.

Enjoy the sunny days just take extra precautions and help your dog to enjoy them too.

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