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Clicker Training

Most dog owners have heard of a ‘clicker’ but not all of them know how to use one properly. The basic concept behind this natty little piece of equipment is the association of sound translating to a tasty reward.

Each time your faithful pooch hears the clicker sound he / she will look for their treat and they will be aware that they actually receive a tasty morsel whenever the clicker sounds, eventually the clicker becomes a delightful training aid to your dog. The clicker is simply a small plastic box which is available in a variation of pretty, bright colours. The box houses a small metal plate which ‘clicks’ when pressed. That is it, there is nothing particularly fancy or complicated about the design.

Clicker dog training is a type of ‘positive reinforcement’ training, you are rewarding all the good things that your dog does instead of punishing all the bad things that your dog does.

Initially you want your dog to realise what the clicker represents so you need to introduce him / her to the whole idea behind the ‘clicker equals treat’ idea. Pop some small treats in an easily accessible place like your pocket or in a treat bag and then simply stand yourself in front of your dog and click once then reward instantly. I know your dog has not carried out a command as such but you are simply displaying what delights follow the clicking sound.

A good tip at this stage is to not always just give the one treat, on the odd occasion ensure that you hand your dog an extra couple of treats. Your dog will never know when he / she is going to hit the jackpot and receive more than the one reward, this way your dog will do as you request just to see what the treat is.

The golden rules are to always give your dog a treat even when you might click by mistake, your pooch must be able to trust in the theory that a click means a treat.
Do not become carried away and allow your finger to become stuck on the clicker, one click is enough or your dog will become confused!

As always with dog training keep the training sessions short as this way your dog will stay attentive throughout the whole session.

Last but not least do not become flustered, the worst part when you start is learning how to cope with just two hands as you have the clicker, treats and your dog to concentrate on all at the same time. Good fun to say the least!

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