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Chubby Canines

Have you noticed your dog resembling a duck lately by waddling instead of striding out gracefully like a thoroughbred racehorse? Is your faithful friend struggling to keep up with you on a walk? Does he / she seem out of breath a lot more than usual?
If you have answered yes to all of the questions asked, or even just one of them, then your dog could be suffering from obesity. More and more dogs are becoming overweight these days as the modern world that we live in is full of rushing around everywhere, being stressed and not always having the time to stop to exercise the dog.

Right or wrong overweight pooches seem to be a sign of the times. The problem arises because our canine chums very often still receive the same amount of food and treats but less exercise.

You need to ascertain your dog’s ideal weight and then you have something to work with, for purebred dogs this is easy as they have a breed standard. The standard will list the breeds ideal height and weight, obviously this will alter from dog to dog as some are naturally bigger boned or smaller framed than others within their breed group.

If you have a crossbred dog then try to find a purebred breed of dog that is similar in stature to yours and compare your dog’s statistics to the purebred one.

Your dog must always be checked at the vets prior to beginning a diet and the cause of his / her obesity ascertained. Dogs can possess thyroid problems which can lead to them becoming overweight so it is important to confirm that it is not a thyroid, or indeed another medically related problem before your pooch embarks on a diet.

Obesity can lead to very serious issues concerning your dog’s heart, limbs and their stomach. It really is a case of being cruel to be kind when it comes to feeding your dog too many treats, just think about your dog’s health the next time he / she turns those gorgeous, melting eyes on you.

The hardest ‘animal’ to train when it comes to your dog losing weight is ‘you’ learn to be harder for your dog’s sake. They will thank you when they realize they can now run and fetch that tennis ball, the one that has eluded them lately through feeling too out of breath to run after it.

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