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Christmas Puppies

Okay we have all heard and read the saying so many times, ‘A dog is for life and not just for Christmas’ but how many people actually take notice of this during the festive time?

Welcoming a new puppy into your household is an exciting thing to do and a challenge, it takes a lot of work and a lot of your time so is Christmas really the sensible time to take on a new challenge? Puppies require a lot of looking after which involves a lot of patience on your part and with all the festivities taking place you will probably have your hands full.

Puppies are little bundles of fluff and fun which cause mayhem no matter how well you train them or keep an eye on them they still cause chaos! Purchasing a pup for someone else is not a good idea either because however much they might have said they would like a puppy/dog will they really, truly appreciate one at Christmas? I think when a puppy joins your household you should give him/her your undivided attention for at least the initial month and longer if possible, these are the most important moments in your young puppy’s life. Training and teaching is vital now whilst they are still like a sponge and can absorb all the information and learn.

Housetraining will be a nightmare during Christmas especially if you have guests throughout the holiday, when it comes to housetraining you need to dedicate all of your time and energy into showing your pup what is right and wrong.

Then on top of the practicalities you have to consider the extra cost of having a puppy, you would have spent out on Christmas already without even beginning to think about vet’s bills, puppy food, toys, bowls etc, etc. Now if you are adamant that you would like a canine chum to move in for Christmas then why not consider another option?

Think about purchasing your puppy around the middle of November then at least by the time the festivities really commence little ‘Fido’ would have had the opportunity to settle in and been through some basic training. The other option of course is to welcome a pup into your life and home around the middle of January then everything has settled down again and you can face the New Year ahead together. I know puppies seem like they are the perfect gift for your dog loving friend or relative or the perfect little present for your child to teach them responsibility but I would strongly advise waiting until the perfect time.

Your new pup deserves your love and attention without you flapping around the house worrying about the Christmas dinner and making sure all is well, just think about your sanity and also the puppy’s sanity the wrong decision now could see an unhappy pup in a chaotic household. If you welcome him/her at one of the time’s suggested he/she will enter a loving and calm household which is perfect for your puppy’s needs.

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