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Canine Chatterboxes

People often say that dogs cannot talk but I bet you anything these people do not live with dogs! Okay so I am not saying that your pooch sits beside you and has a long and meaningful conversation on a daily basis but dogs can ‘talk’ in their very own unique way.
Whether it is via an array of vocal sounds or through body language they do communicate with one another and with us.

If you think about a pack of wolves they are renowned for working together in a closely knit group. When hunting as a pack they have to rely on a series of noises and body language manoeuvres to let each other know what their next intended move will be. Ask people the noise they would most associate with the wolf and most would reply the howl, it is both an eerie but beautiful sound and it communicates so much information.

Wolves howl as a method of finding each other because very often during their hunting expeditions they can roam for miles and can easily become lost from the pack, a howl will let any strays know where the pack is. Howling is also used within the pack to strengthen the social bonds between members; this can turn nasty at times though and very often concludes in a quarrel. If lower ranking wolves howl out of place then they will be ‘punished’ and taught a lesson.

Our domestic dogs communicate through barking, whining, yelping, snarling, growling and many more different sounds. If you listen to your dog’s chatter you will be able to define what exactly they are trying to say to you.

Barking ranges right along a scale from excited to fearful, generally speaking an excited bark will be higher pitched than a fearful bark. Growling and snarling are often used as the dog’s way of letting you know they wish to be left well alone and if you do not heed the warning they will react.

Next time your dog utters a sound try and work out what they are trying to communicate and share with you because if you can understand your dog’s language it will help to strengthen your relationship.

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