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Can Dogs Be Good Watchers?


People and dogs have always had long lasting relationships, ever since the inception of civilization. History depicts that man first tamed dogs along with other domestic animals for their survival. History also showed how dogs guarded their belongings and helped them with hunting in ancient times.

When man learned to hunt, they would also require someone to guard their belongings back home. Among their belongings, there were other domestic animals being reared, which would later become food for survival. If their domestic animals were left alone, there was a strong chance these domestic animals would be killed, or eaten by the many other predators around and even other people or tribes. This is the one of the major reasons they used dogs as watchers and to guard their valuable possessions, their lives depended on it.

From observation, we came to know that dogs could be very loyal to their masters. And, dogs would not expect too much in return for their services. They were also happy to serve their masters, not just for the food, but also for their master’s love towards them. This is how dogs became essential for watching their belongings back in ancient times.

Over the course of time, man quickly learned that dogs are intelligent and brave. Dogs are quick learners as well. Moreover, they can follow instructions from their masters, if trained. From this idea, we thought to utilise them in different ways too. They then also found them to be strong and courageous. Their courage and intelligence made man decide to take dogs with them whenever they were hunting.

Dogs would not just guard the belongings of their masters but also help them in hunting and driving away other animals. They became a part of their lives. Their children would also play with the dogs. The affection for dogs can obviously be seen in most civilized societies. People know now how good dogs can be as watchdogs and to help guard their homes or alert people from their premises. It is a great deterrent, used for 100’s of years. This is just one of the many joys and services dogs offer our society today.