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Being Apart

Is your canine chum a brave little soldier when you walk out the door or more of a terrified wimp? Separation anxiety is a very real problem experienced by numerous dog owners and it can be especially tricky to deal with.

The best place to begin, like most issues, is with prevention rather than with cure. If you are starting out with a puppy this is the perfect age to begin associating them with the feeling of being left home alone. Now I am certainly not encouraging you to leave your young faithful friend for hours on end, which is the last thing you want to do, I am simply saying that if you begin leaving your pup at a young age it will make life easier in the end.

Now the best way to begin is slowly but surely, try and leave your pup sleeping in one room whilst you creep quietly out and pop into another room, do not close the doors or anything but simply leave the room. Puppies are great as they literally just ‘crash out’ anywhere when they feel tired so you should find plenty of opportunities throughout a normal day to nip out and stay in a different room. Always remember though that when your pup wakes up he/she will need the garden fairly quickly so you need to be on hand to help. You can then move to the next step which involves you nipping into the garden or simply stepping outside your front door and closing it behind you. Do not say anything to your puppy just simply go where you are going and do not make a big fuss of them when you return.

If you are using a puppy crate with your pup this will make leaving him/her slightly easier, ensure you have allowed your puppy to go to the toilet and then pop him/her in the crate. Making no fuss or big deal out of anything simply leave the house, returning again within 5 minutes. You might feel pretty daft to begin with but you only need to pop your slippers on and walk to the bottom of the garden or down the drive and around the corner, go where your puppy cannot see you, wait 5 minutes and then return with, again, no fuss of your puppy.

By doing this you are showing to your pup that you do return each and every time and that there is no reason to panic. If your puppy appears to be accepting being left alone then ever so slowly increase the time that they are left, if you have a second dog in the equation this can work to your advantage when it comes to leaving your puppy as they automatically have canine company.

When I started to leave my young puppy with my adult dog I would pop the pup in his crate and then go through the steps of building the time left, I was concerned that the pup would wind the adult dog up and they would fall out with one another whilst nobody was with them. To be honest it worked well as with the puppy being in his crate the adult dog had some breathing space for awhile! Then eventually I left home with the puppy out of the crate and they were fine as they had grown more accustomed to one another.

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