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Basic Training Errors

The initial point to comprehend when it comes to training puppies and adult dogs is the basic fact that they are all different from one another, I know this sounds like common sense but a lot of dog owners simply assume because their breed of dog is supposed to be ‘intelligent’ it should learn quickly.

Just because you may have acquired a Border collie for instance do not simply think that he/she will instantly know what is expected and to learn in turbo speed, not only are different breeds of dog different from each other but so are the same breed. You can place two of the same breed side by side and they will learn at varying speeds. Allow yourself the opportunity to become accustomed to your puppy’s/dog’s individual personality and character prior to beginning too much intense training.

You need to know what motivates your canine chum as this can differ from dog to dog, some will do anything for a food treat whilst others will bend over backwards for their favourite toy.

Now when you begin training try to avoid these common mistakes, many owners will not set consistent and firm rules in their household. These rules are important although they are not strictly about the actual training of your dog they are still an aspect of your dog’s discipline which will assist with their training.

Rules need to be followed from the minute your new addition enters your world, for instance if you wish your furniture to be a doggy free zone then you need to make this clear from the beginning and adhere to it. Your faithful friend will soon become confused if one day they can snuggle on the sofa but the next day they are told off for even placing a paw on the same sofa. Once you set a rule ensure you stick to it and that every member of your household does the same.

The next error commonly made is to keep repeating a command to your dog during training, if you ask them to do something and they do not the worst thing you can do is to stand there saying the same thing over and over again.

You see when you insist on repeating the command all you are teaching your dog is that they do not actually have to complete the task asked straight away, if they do not do as requested leave it and return to the command later. Try another, completely different command, if they fail at this one then stop the training session for now.

You should be using a non-coercive method of training with your puppy/dog so be careful not to reward bad behaviour by mistake, this is easily done as it is all about timing. You can jump ahead and presume your dog will complete the task asked and then he/she has a momentary relapse and does the complete opposite! The problem is you have already given them a treat as a reward, just move on and dismiss it but do not make a habit of it otherwise your puppy/dog will end up thinking their bad behaviour is good behaviour!

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