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Agility Nutters

When most people think of dog agility there is one breed of dog that always pops into their head before any others and that is the Border collie. Now whilst it is true that this breed is the undisputed master of the agility course and can beat most other breeds paws down they are willing to share the glory with other breeds of dog too!
Most dogs enjoy the thrill and excitement of agility and the pleasure they feel at pleasing their owners. The smaller breeds of dogs can even take part in agility too as there are mini agility courses available that are just right for those shorter legs!

Agility takes fitness on the owner’s/handler’s part too because they need to be there alongside their dog whilst they are completing the course; having said this though there have been wonderful competitors of agility that have been disabled and they have still managed to work their dogs beautifully around the agility course.

If you are considering agility with your dog then I would advise the initial step to take would be to go along to a local agility meeting with your own dog and just sit and observe. This is the perfect opportunity to learn what it is all about and what exactly is involved.

Your dog obviously needs to possess a sociable personality as the meetings do involve lots of other dogs and people, including children being present at times. If your dog is an excitable character then this does not have to be a negative trait; this can be used and the natural excitement can be channelled into their training.

Although there are competitions throughout the world of dog agility it is ultimately meant to be a sport and enjoyed by both the owners and their dogs so have fun with your dog and do not become too involved in who won and who lost.

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