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The Chihuahua

The Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are often referred to as ‘the little dog with the big personality’ and this is very true when it comes to this tiny breed, they generally only stand approximately 6 – 9 inches tall and weigh 2 – 6 lbs.

When selecting a Chiuaua puppy for sale always look for the three important key factors:

  • Appearance
  • Temperament
  • Health

Their appearance should, funnily enough, look like a true Chiuaua. Do not be fooled into purchasing one of the numerous ‘mixes’ available, make certain you are positive your selected puppy is true-to-type.

Look for the confident, friendly little puppy and not the nervous or particularly snappy one of the litter.

Check the Chihuahua’s eyes, ears, breathing pattern and general overall health to ensure that to the best of your knowledge there are no problems.
Both Chiuaua adult dogs and puppies do not tend to tolerate children under the age of ten years old very well and they make strong bonds usually with one person in the family. They do make wonderful companion dogs and will follow their owner everywhere. Chihuahua watchdogs are also very common as even though they are such a petite breed they do not like strangers and will alert their owner’s attention by repeatedly barking.

Chihuahuas as a whole are fairly stubborn so training can be a challenge however they are also extremely clever and will learn quickly as they like to please their owner. Ensure you socialize your new faithful friend as this is very important as this tiny breed can be very jealous and territorial, if you wish to home two Chiuauas together then from puppyhood is your best bet as they can grow with one another and become accustomed to each other’s ways.

Do not fall into the ‘trap’ like so many Chihuahua owners before you have and regard them as a delicate and fragile dog which requires carrying everywhere, they do have legs and they do need to use them! All dogs love to have a daily or twice daily walk and this includes the miniature dogs in the world, they enjoy the senses, smells and sensations around them as they walk. Playtime in an enclosed garden or yard is also good but you cannot beat going for a daily walk.

They do make lovely little companions and offer a lot of affection so if you are looking for a smaller breed then perhaps the Chiuaua is the dog for you.