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300 stud fee, in Merseyside;
Black/Gold DNA tested & Hip scored 6/6 elbows 0. Great with children of all ages. Very gentle with maiden bitches.
£100 stud fee, in Merseyside;
Black/gold from 100% showlines Loyal with great temperament raised with small children great in all aspects, very handsome boy. Not yet proven hence stud fee
£150 kc reg £100 non kc stud fee, in Merseyside;
Nemo is 2 years 3 months. He has recently sired his first litter of 6 pups through natural breeding. The litter consisted of 4 champagne gold solid and 2 solid black. Nemo was Fully understanding of what his ro... Read more

Viewing 1 - 3 of 3

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