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Breed: Doberman Pinscher
Experience: Proven Sire
Pedigree: Yes
Fee: ££500
Area: Leicestershire
Kennel: Come As You Are I-Rex
DOB: 02/12/2010
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Doberman Pinscher Description

Come As You Are I-Rex (Cheeky), born in Serbia in 2010 and was bred by the same kennel that bred two World Champions(Siegers), called Come As You Are Alabama and Baron Nike Renewal. This is why Cheeky is such a stunning dog and also has perfect Dobermann temperament. These 'Siegers' are both in his close breeding, together with Italian, Bosnian, Russian, Polish, Baltic and Estonian champions. However, he is not just well bred and handsome, he is healthy too and is clear of von Willebrands disease (VWD). His hip score is 12 (6/6). Less inter-breeding equals better health! He is UK KC Registered.
His owners are Assured Kennel Club Breeders and vouch for him being a delightful dog, alert, attentive and loving. He is a working dog. He fathers superb, good sized healthy puppies, in large numbers ( average is 9). He is available to suitable bitches.
Stud fee is £500. Free mating if first does not take, but this has never yet been found necessary.
All paperwork supplied...

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