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Breed(s): Shih Tzu
Pedigree: Yes
Price: £699
Area: Hampshire
Ready: 07/01/2017
Number available: 5
Parents viewable: Yes
Injections inc: Yes
Age of ad: 11 months
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Shih Tzu Description

Both mum and dad here with me and pups will be vaccinated wormed and flead vaccinated and chipped before leaving.

I have the most gorgeously beautiful Zuchon Shichon F1 puppies for sale. These are clean white and gold colours, both flavours available, girls and boys. They are adorable and clever a very dangerous mix for a teddy bear look alike. They will not be very big and although not handbag dogs will be I think small to hand size luggage and easily carried.
Ok mum and dad. Mum is a KC registered Bichon Frise about 4 kilos weight and pure white. She's friendly loving and loves snuggles. She is on the minimum for her breed and not a big dog at all.

He is a KC registered ShiTzu Imperial with Karashshi bloodlines. Weighing in on the minimum 2.3 kilos and small in stature he's an ideal dad and clever too. One of the smartest dogs I've ever had and learns fast and sometimes teaches himself.

These two produced a fabulous litter which may well be their last and these will be ready to go to new homes after 26th June .............this is the earliest leaving date.
Zuchon Quick Summary:

Also Known As Shichon

Origin:- America

Lineage:- Crossbreed


FCI FCI - Federation Cynologique Internationale
KC The Kennel Club (UK)
AKC AKC - American Kennel Club

Size Small
Height (at withers) 9-12in (23-30cm)
Weight 7-15lbs (3-7kg)
Hair Colour(s) Varies
Lifespan 15+ years
Energy Level High
Litter size 4-6
Shedding Low
Grooming Medium
Barking Tendency Medium
Exercise requirements Medium
Ease of training High
Suitability for kids High
Animal compatability High
Aggression levels Low
Distress if left Medium


The Zuchon is a relatively new breed of small dog resulting from cross the Bichon Frise and the Shih Tzu. Not technically a purebred, it has a teddy bear appearance with a small, sturdy body, short legs, and a relatively long tail. The head has a round face, small pendulous ears, a dark nose and large expressive eyes. The long coat is very low shedding, and the colouring varies and includes black, white, grey and brindle.

Temperament:- Zuchons are lively and playful little dogs with gentle dispositions. Full of the vigour afforded by being a cross-breed, they are sociable and happy creatures with well-mannered temperaments. Full of character too, they make great companions and ideal family pets. They are intelligent dogs that are eager to please and so training can be pretty straightforward, although some can be rather stubborn and can
have a tendency to bark. However, despite this they are suited to both novice and experienced dog owners alike. Zuchons are great around younger and older children, and should be properly socialised around other dogs and pets. Too small to make effective guard dogs, they also tend to be friendly towards strangers but will still bark to alert owners to the presence of strangers and so still make decent watch dogs.

History & Skills:-

Zuchons originate from America and are a relatively new designer breed that was begun in the early 2000s by crossing Bichons Frises and Shih Tzus. Although still deemed a cross-breed rather than an offical breed, their popularity is growing quickly and some organisations are beginning to recognise them.

Breed Specific Ailments

Zuchons are so new their life expectancy is still to be seen. However, going by their ancestors and small size, at a guess they will tend to live between 15-17 years. As for health problems, again it is too soon to know; however, early indications are that the Zuchon shows no congenital defects as yet.


Zuchons are very low-shedding dogs and so are suitable for those suffering from allergies. The coat will need brushing a couple of times each week to remove dead hair and to prevent tangles. Hair around the bottom area may need occasional trimming, and the ears should be kept clean and dry.

Exercise & Environment

Zuchons tend to live indoors and are suitable for smaller homes such as apartments or flats. They will derive exercise from playing indoors but will need a daily walk and preferably access to a secure outside areas for play.


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