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Samoyed Puppies for sale in the UK


Breed(s): Samoyed
Pedigree: Yes
Price: £950
Area: Surrey
Ready: 02/02/2014
Number available: 6
Parents viewable: Yes
Injections inc: No
Age of ad: 5 years
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Samoyed Description

Exclusive, very rare, highly sought after pups. Samousky Snow Dog puppies ready to go now to only The Very Best, most loving homes. These pups are very special spirits indeed, imported Canadian bloodlines (very good for a healthy gene pool) The most stunning pups you will ever see. Super fluffy, chunky healthy superbly gorgeous.This breed is absolutely the perfect family pet. Reliable gentle calm temperament, very chilled out puppies and breed. Amazing with children of all ages, brilliant with other dogs. As pups and as fully grown dogs this breed is renowned for being very good with children and adults with Autism, Aspergers and other disabilities. The breathtaking beauty of the Samoyed and Siberian Husky(Samousky pups are exceptionally beautiful) but FULLY trainable, not only completely off lead trainable but easily trained in every way . Excellent off lead. Hypoallergenic furr. No barking, lovely quiet dogs. This breed only drops hair once a year usually in time for summer and the rest of the year no moulting, this one drop a year lasts around 1 week. Easy to care for coats, minimal. maintenance because although they are fluffy and thick coated it is not long straggly hair that matts, just spiky puffy hair. These pups already thrive on human contact and need to bond with their new families now. Seriously the most stunning litter of Samouskies to date. A mix of incredible looks. Super fluffy bear cub look, 1 pup looks like a pure black husky/pure black wolf cub and 2 look like pure black Samoyeds- really amazingly bear like, tiny fluffy teddy bears, the cutest faces I have ever seen, utterly adorable and the sweetest, affectionate personalities . It's is normal to have one pup that really obviously stands out as the pick of the litter but in this lots there are 3 exceptional puppies: 1 stunning female that is absolutely identical to a Siberian Husky. She has a perfectly formed symmetrical husky mask, body shape, tail and coat. You would never guess this little girl was anything other than a pure bred husky from her looks but has the fabulous bonus of being TOTALLY 100% TRAINABLE. You can take her for walks and let her go off the lead knowing she will return unlike a pure bred husky. Then there is the utterly magnificent identical Samoyed lookalike, pure white and gorgeous fluffy polar bear cub Samoyed looking male pup- what a stunning boy, huge deep dark brown eyes, the cutest sweetest smiling little fellow- a show stopper, just looks exactly like a Samoyed but without the barking! 3rd and final pick of the litter is the Male blue eyed husky mask but with chunky gorgeous Samoyed stature, a total fluffball with striking blue eyes amongst black furr looks very very unique, also this baby boy has the most pronounced personality, he cannot get enough cuddling and always runs up to me for playing and lots and lots of hugging and kisses, such a sweetheart and very very funny!! These 3 at the higher price of £1280.00- these 3 will go very fast indeed. Head turning, rare beauty and personalities.In every single way these pups are dream pups, when you see them and experience them you will understand why, clear videos and photos available upon request. Both the mother and father are always with pups so you will meet them when viewing pups and you will get to see their wonderful loving personalities and gentle lovely temperaments. Very high demand for these gorgeous babies. Long living breed with 0 health problems. After the initial cost, the most inexpensive breed to keep. Puppy pack included in price. Pups fully wormed and lovingly&carefully raised on a highly nutritious diet included in puppy pack.

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