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German Shepherd Puppies for sale in the UK


Breed(s): German Shepherd
Pedigree: Yes
Price: £850.00
Area: Surrey
Ready: 19/12/2014
Number available: 9
Parents viewable: Yes
Injections inc: Yes
Age of ad: 4 years
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German Shepherd Description

KC Registered Long Coat German Shepherd Puppies
Our gorgeous family members have given us 9 bundles of joy, 5 Whites (3 Bitches and 2 Dogs), 2 Golden Sable, 1 Black Sable (all Sables are Dogs) and 1 Black (Bitch).
Mum and dad are both here raising the pups together. They are home reared in our kitchen but will be used to going outside in the garden by the time they are ready to leave us.
They were born Monday 20th October and all weighed in over 500grams, these pups are large boned and will make fantastic family pets. Mum and Dad are good with other dogs, cats and all visitors. Both parents are highly trained and enjoy being part of our family. They are not working dogs, they are family pets that will want to be part of your pack.
Mum is solid Blue and Dad is Pure White (not Champaign or cream). Both are above average height and their previous litter of 6 are all above average size. These pups have all tripled their birth weight (In just less than 4 weeks). Both parents hip scored Dad = 4 Mum = 6.
They will be vet checked and have their first vaccination, they will also be micro-chipped before leaving us at 9 weeks.
They are booked for their first vet check and vaccination on Monday 15th December and will be ready from Friday 19th December. We are happy to keep the puppies until after the New Year.
For some this may not be the ideal time to take a puppy home but for those that are committed to the breed and their new puppy will have already understood the huge commitment and responsibility that they are taking on.
Please call or email for more details. Please no time wasters..
Looking after a German Shepherd
1. Training is vital ? so must have plenty of time to devote to this ? book yourself and your puppy onto a good puppy training course- You will learn far more than your dog and will be able to continue the training into your dog?s adulthood. Not only will a well behaved dog be more impressive and easier to care for, but you and your dog will develop a bond if you take the time to train it. As the bond gets stronger, your dog will be more likely to listen to your commands, and will be happier to have you as a master. We start their toilet training from 4 weeks and hope that by 9 weeks they will be puppy pad trained and will be used to going outside in the garden. Both Mum and Dad help with this process. Remember puppies cannot hold their toilet for long periods of time and they WILL have accidents ? so if you cherish your carpets or flooring then a puppy is not suitable for you. They will also go through a stage of teething and WILL CHEW anything they find. This could be your shoes, furniture and children?s toys. Puppies need teething toys and plenty of stimulation. They will NOT LEARN by being left at home for long periods of time without you to help train them.
2. Give your puppy room. German Shepherds are very active, fun-loving dogs. They need a lot of space to run around. Make sure that your garden is clear, uncluttered and hazard-free. If you don't have a big garden then take your dog daily to the local park, once final vaccination has been given and the recommended time between last vaccine and being able to take them out.. German Shepherd Dogs get along with other dogs well. Socialisation is key at an early age, which is why we recommend you join a puppy training club as soon as the baby is aloud out. DO NOT over exercise your puppy ? remember they are growing and need time to grow too much could hinder their growth and put too much pressure on their joints and bones. Short periods of exercise is much better, your baby will need to sleep a lot whilst young. Always take your puppy out after they have had a long sleep, drink or food. Most will need to go to toilet within 20 minutes of the above. Train your puppy where to toilet, if you can give them their own area it will be easier. Take them to this spot each time, even when raining. Without exercise, the German Shepherd's amazing muscles and energy will be locked up inside with no outlet. You need to exercise your German Shepherd daily by playing fetch, taking it for a walk or run, or even chasing your dog around the garden. German Shepherds who don't get enough exercise are more likely to get joint diseases like hip and elbow dysplasia, as well as become destructive. Beware of too much exercise at young age, as this can cause the dog to develop improperly.
3. Make sure you feed your shepherd puppy 4 times per day to start with, and feed it the right food that they are used to and give the correct amount, gradually increasing the amount whilst they are growing. Don't give him/her too little, too much or a different brand/type of food as this will upset their tummy.. Make sure you are feeding a quality food which doesn't use corn for protein. Dogs drink a lot. Fill up a bowl and leave it where your dog has access to it. Check up on the bowl several times a day to make sure there is plenty of water and that it is clean. Puppies like to play and water is fun.
4. The following gives an indication on how much time, cost and effort YOU have to put into your puppies wellbeing - Taking on a puppy especially a large breed can be demanding on your time and pocket.
? Vet Checks - Your vet will check the general condition of your dog and will advise when you need to have their booster vaccinations, worming, flea / tick treatment done. You may want to look into prices before taking home your bundle of fur!
? Insurance, we always recommend that you insure your puppy ? ours leave us with 4 weeks insurance from PetPlan. Most insurance companies have a holding period of the first 14 days ? this means you will not be covered. I suggest you either take on the insurance that the puppy comes with or you start another policy within 2 weeks so you have continuous cover ? puppies do have accidents and my need veterinary help.

? Remember your puppy will get old - Old age - This specific breed of dog gets many problems when they get old-mainly joint problems. Which is why we hip score our dogs. My puppy?s parents are both hip scored and come from straight back shepherds, a level topline may not be desired in the show ring but for a healthy happy dog that can run free from pain is our aim. We recommend you hip score your puppy when he / she comes of age.
This breed is loving and needs TLC back! Cuddle with your dog daily. Don't beat your dog or yell unnecessarily at it. Never scold your dog unless you catch it IN THE ACT. Otherwise the dog will associate scolding with you, not the action

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