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Doberman Pinscher Puppies for sale in the UK


Breed(s): Doberman Pinscher
Pedigree: Yes
Price: ££1000
Area: Leicestershire
Ready: 04/05/2016
Number available: 1
Parents viewable: Yes
Injections inc: No
Age of ad: 2 years
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Doberman Pinscher Description

For those of you looking for a superb Dobermann puppy, you will be pleased to hear that our puppies absolute stunners and are growing well. We have just one black and tan bitch pup not yet reserved. (We did not have a runt - this this little girl is as good as all the rest).
Tara Cobra (IMP SRB) is proving to be a wonderful mother, very attentive and loving to the pups and unstintingly loving to us. Tara's pups are fathered by our very popular, and immensely handsome dog Cheeky, whose UK Kennel Club name is Come As You Are I-Rex (IMP SCG).
The pups are being brought up by both their mum and their dad on our farm, and have lots of contact with other animals, such as cats, geese, chickens, other dogs etc., so are well socialised.

We have one bitch in black and tan still available.

When we bought our Dobermanns as youngsters, we combed the world for the best we could buy. Cheeky and Tara came from Serbia and Sheba from Hungary. They are all clear of VWD and have good hip scores. They have superb temperaments and conformation.

The inbreeding coefficient between the dogs is well below the national average, so the pups have the best chance of leading healthy, happy and long lives.

Come As You Are I-Rex is listed elsewhere on this site as a much sought after stud dog and has two World Champions in his breeding as well as countless other Champions. He stands 72cm (28 1/2 ins) at the shoulder and weighs 45.5 kilos ( 100 lbs or 7 stone 2 lbs)
Tara Cobra is equally well bred. They are our pets and also our watch dogs and are very good at discerning who is friend and who might be up to no good.
They are UK Kennel Club Registered.

Pups are now fully weaned, treated for worms and fleas and microchipped and ready for collection
We offer our buyers all the help and advice they need, for as long as they need it.

Bitches £1000 each.

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