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German Shepherd Training

German Shepherd Training

All puppies are cute, of this there is no question but the German Shepherd puppy seems to take the word ‘cute’ to a whole new level! They are easily one of the top contenders for the best looking puppy award.

Now that we have ascertained that they are undeniably sweet the question is how do you go about their training? German Shepherd adult dogs are far from small and therefore it is imperative that they are trained properly whilst they are puppies or you will be faced with a large breed of dog which you cannot control.

German Shepherds like to be in charge and this is the biggest challenge when it comes to their training. The initial thing to remember is that you must adhere to a regular training regime and make the effort, puppies have a short memory span so repetition via regular training sessions will work wonders. Do not panic if your puppy displays a lot of inconsistency as this is quite common in most pups but it is also a well recognized German Shepherd trait.

Never use any other training method than a non-coercive one, you will gain no respect from upsetting your puppy, only a fear based learning pattern will be evident if you insist on using a firm hand. The German Shepherd breed is especially keen to sound therefore your puppy will pick up that your voice tone has altered, even slightly, this is all you need to use. Simply change your tone of voice when you are not happy with your puppy’s performance, just deepen the tone and use shorter words.

German Shepherds love to please their owner so they will attempt to learn quickly, ensure you praise at the correct time and give your puppy a tasty dog treat. Timing is everything when it comes to dog training and if you use a combination of a warm and friendly voice tone, treats and some physical interaction you will train your puppy quickly.

An imperative part of puppy training is their socialization period and this is even more important with yours. A German Shepherd’s natural character will be a protective one towards their owner, you need to show your puppy that it is acceptable for other people and their dogs to approach you. Ensure that you show your pup the outside world and that he/she meets a lot of new people and dogs.