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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Breed(s): Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Area: Northamptonshire
Age of ad: 12 months

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Description

Dear public. on 29.3.17 - Disgusting Thieves broke into our home whilst our family was asleep and Stole my family pets as well as my parents dogs who were in my care whilst they were moving home.
My parents are reputable licenced breeders with immense experience and anyone who knows them would admire their love care and treatment of their pets and would certainly compliment the quality of their dogs. They have won many awards.

2 of the dogs were heavily pregnant - My beautiful Salt and Pepper Schnauzer Princess Heidi and her sister Helga was also stolen.
The other pregnant mother to be was my parents dog Alice who was due a litter of cockerpoos the day she was stolen.

Picture 1 - Tina - Red Cocker Spaniel - almost 2 years old
Picture 2 - Alice - Deep red cocker spaniel - pregnant - Alice has a Cherry Eye on the right side - Alice is very attached to my mum and will be devastated.
Picture 3 - is Dolly - the most beautiful Sable Cocker Spaniel with big round hazel eyes - Dolly is unique and was stolen along with her daughter who is the image of her and her 6 pups. (DOLLY is rare and I'm hoping she will be the key to finding these thieves who I am sure have stolen many family pets)
Picture 4 Lolo - A cream/ White Cavapoo - Lolo is tall and very placid
Picture 5 - Holly - Female - Black and Tan King Charles Cavalier.
Picture 6 - CoCo - Male Chocolate Cockerpoo
Picture 7 - Heidi - Female Schnauzer - Heidi and Helga look alike except Helga has a darker back.
Picture 8 - Helga - Heidi's sister who ate the Christmas cake - hence the red lips
Picture 9 - Sophie - Female - Blemin and White King Charles Cavalier
Picture 10 - Flash - Male - Red Toy Poodle

PLEASE PLEASE HELP US TO SPREAD AWARENESS - you vigilance will be much appreciated and any intel can be shared with us, the police or the RSPCA. Please do not hesitate to share your concerns or suspicions.
If you are looking for you next pet please think could this be someone's stolen pet (a lady arrived at my door in tears to share her story of her stolen red cocker spaniel FiFi who was stolen out of her garden 2 months ago and she also has a substantial reward for FiFi's safe return)

The police have described these thieves as professional dog thieves due to the extent and equipment used to steel our dogs - it is likely they scoped and surveyed my home for weeks prior to doing "the job". I no longer feel safe in my own home and my children are scared.

We are worried sick about how our dogs are being treated and can only hope they are safe and well.

Our adult pets are micro-chipped - please take your new pet to a vet and get it scanned - it may belong to someone other than who you bought it from.

please send us pictures of any puppy you may buy as we would likely know if it is our and the police can check out the seller. Stolen was a litter of Cockerpoo's and Cavapoos

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your ongoing vigilance - please share with anyone you can especially those on a journey to find their new pet.

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