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Portuguese Podengo

Portuguese Podengo
Origin Portugal
Classification Hound
Height Medium 39-56cm / 15-22in
Weight Medium 16-20kg / 35-44lb
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Exercise High
Easily Trainable Challenging
Watchdog Good
Good with Children Yes
Good with Other Animals Medium
Indoor / Outdoor Living Indoor
Grooming Weekly
Feeding Normal diet
Size Medium

Portuguese Podengo Description

As you can see there are three different sizes to the Portuguese Pondengo and two different coat types, smooth and wirehaired. The general appearance of the dog is a well proportioned body and head with large erect ears that move around a lot and listen to every sound. The eyes are small and generally brown in colour. The tail is long and either carried low or out straight behind the dog. The smooth coat is short and hard in texture and the wirehaired is coarse and meduim length. Colours seen include fawn, yellow or black with white markings.

Portuguese Podengo Character

The Portuguese Pondego is a fast dog, whatever size it is! It is intelligent but this is coupled with an independent nature so training can be challenging. They are courageous making them an ideal watchdog. The Portuguese Pondengo has an affectionate nature and loves children. They do require a lot of exercise and are a very busy breed of dog.

Please note: This is only a guide.

You must contact a breeder club, read relevant literature and even contact vets to understand the full requirements of this breed.

Please ensure your lifestyle, home and family are suited to this particular breed and you fully understand the requirements needed to give the dog the life it deserves.