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Origin Europe
Classification Toy
Height 20-28cm / 8-11in
Weight 4-5kg / 8-10lb
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Exercise High
Easily Trainable Yes
Watchdog Poor
Good with Children Medium
Good with Other Animals Medium
Indoor / Outdoor Living Indoor
Grooming Daily
Feeding Normal Diet
Size Small

Papillon Description

Papillons are delicate little dogs and are also called ‘Butterfly Dogs’ due to their beautifully, fringed and erect ears resembling the fluttering wings of a butterfly. In France they are known as ‘Squirrel Dogs’ because of their gorgeously plumed tail. They are a dainty, well balanced little dog with a slightly rounded head and short muzzle, they can also have pendant styled ears and these are called Phalene Papillons. The tail is highly set and cascades over the dog’s back. Colours vary but the predominant colour is usually white with black, red, red sable or tri-colour.

Papillon Character

The Papillon is a bundle of fluff and high energy with an appetite for play and then some more play! Like many of the smaller breeds of dog they are tougher than they appear, they are a charming little dog which thrives on affection and cuddles. They are a gentle breed possessing intelligence and love to please; Papillons adore being in the middle of family life. They can have a tendency to be rather pushy therefore not really recommended for smaller children but they are the perfect family companion dog if the children are not of toddler age.

Please note: This is only a guide.

You must contact a breeder club, read relevant literature and even contact vets to understand the full requirements of this breed.

Please ensure your lifestyle, home and family are suited to this particular breed and you fully understand the requirements needed to give the dog the life it deserves.