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Origin Australia
Classification Cross
Height 53 - 60cm / 21 - 24in
Weight 19 - 39kg / 44 - 88lb
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Exercise Medium
Easily Trainable Yes
Watchdog Poor
Good with Children Yes
Good with Other Animals Yes
Indoor / Outdoor Living Indoor
Grooming Weekly
Feeding Normal Diet
Size Medium

Labradoodle Description

Labradoodles are a wonderful mix between the Poodle and the Labrador, the breed itself has three varying sizes with the originally ‘crossed’ dogs tend to be the largest sized. They possess an assortment of coat types with some being curly coated and others being silky. Labradoodles are available in an array of solid colours including cream, black, white, apricot, red and silver.

Labradoodle Character

The Labradoodle is a clever breed of dog and although easy to train they can attempt to outwit their owners! They are friendly, confident and happy dogs without an aggressive bone in their bodies. Labradoodles become exceedingly attached to their families but are far too friendly to be any good as watchdogs. Most seem to adore the water and are generally excellent swimmers, they make brilliant family dogs. Another good point with the Labradoodle is that the breed hardly ever shed their hair.

Please note: This is only a guide.

You must contact a breeder club, read relevant literature and even contact vets to understand the full requirements of this breed.

Please ensure your lifestyle, home and family are suited to this particular breed and you fully understand the requirements needed to give the dog the life it deserves.