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Coton de Tulear

Coton de Tulear
Origin Madagascar
Classification Toy
Height 25-30cm /10-12in
Weight 5-7kg /12-15lb
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Exercise Medium / High
Easily Trainable Yes
Watchdog Poor
Good with Children Yes
Good with Other Animals Yes
Indoor / Outdoor Living Indoor
Grooming Daily
Feeding Normal Diet
Size Small

Coton de Tulear Description

The French word for cotton is ‘Coton’ and this particular breed of dog is named after its beautiful cotton, fluffy coat, it resembles a cotton wool ball with legs! The Coton de Tulear is a small Bichon type little dog, its stunning coat is normally pure white but can be yellowish around the muzzle and ears. They are also available in black and white and tri-coloured. Their tail is generally high set and cascades over the dog’s back, they have a cute button nose and appealing eyes.

Coton de Tulear Character

The Coton de Tulear is a very friendly little breed of dog with a gentle nature. They are exceptionally alert and intelligent and only wish to please their owner. This small dog is very sociable, adoring other dogs and people alike they are very good with children. One strange trait of this lovable dog is the ability to walk and jump on its hind legs, it seems to come as second nature to the breed. They can be stubborn so although they love to learn be prepared for some work!

Please note: This is only a guide.

You must contact a breeder club, read relevant literature and even contact vets to understand the full requirements of this breed.

Please ensure your lifestyle, home and family are suited to this particular breed and you fully understand the requirements needed to give the dog the life it deserves.