Bulgarian Shepherd Dog

Bulgarian Shepherd Dog
Origin Bulgaria
Classification Working
Height 65-75cm / 26-30inches
Weight 45-57kg / 99-125lb
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Exercise High
Easily Trainable Medium
Watchdog Good
Good with Children Medium
Good with Other Animals Medium
Indoor / Outdoor Living Both
Grooming Twice a week
Feeding Normal Diet
Size Large

Bulgarian Shepherd Dog Description

The Bulgarian Shepherd Dog is a large breed of dog with a muscular frame. They have a broad head with a strong jaw line and smallish, low set ears. Their eyes are generally hazel to brown and very expressive. The tail is usually carried fairly low and is sickle shaped, meaning there is generally a kink in the end of the tail so it naturally curls upwards at the end. Their coat is of medium length and colours do vary with the most common being black and white and the least common being all black.

Bulgarian Shepherd Dog Character

The Bulgarian Shepherd Dog as a breed was bred for guarding and working, it is at its happiest when working. They can be a protective breed and fairly territorial making them a good guard dog. They adore their family and if raised around children make perfect companions. If raised to be a working dog they will happily live outdoors. Bulgarian Shepherd Dogs are an independent breed and like to do their own thing they need a firm but kind hand during training, they are very loyal and bond strongly with their family.

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