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Boxer Naming

Boxer Naming

So you have decided that a Boxer is the right breed of dog for you and your family and are all set to welcome a bouncy and playful Boxer puppy into your world, you have everything covered and have thought of all the relevant items required but have you thought of a name yet?

Now it is better to actually think of a name prior to your new addition arriving with you because this will make training much easier as you can begin using your Boxer’s name straight away.

A simple task of selecting a name can quickly turn into a nightmare and a full scale war as different members of the family are all under the opinion that their name choice is the best. What you need to do is to consider the options and then make sure of a few simple points.

Ensure that the name does not rhyme at all with the word ‘no’ such as Mo, Joe or Flo this is due to the fact that your Boxer will be hearing the word ‘no’ quite a lot during their training sessions and probably throughout their life to be honest! The word ‘no’ will be associated with negativity and the last thing you want is for your little Boxer puppy to think their name means they have done something wrong. They will live in a world of confusion and always worry when they hear their name called.

Try to choose a simple name which has the maximum of two syllables such as Ruby or Milo as this will avoid confusion, a longer name like Victoria or Archibald will soon become very tiresome during your Boxer training sessions. Dogs in general do not possess the largest attention span in the world and puppies are even worse therefore expect to repeat your Boxer’s name quite a few times!

Choose a name which you like as your canine companion will be with you for a long time, draw inspiration from favourite movie stars or characters in history.

Remember to always use your new Boxer puppy’s name when it comes to praising him/her and also when you discipline them, the more the name is heard by the puppy the better as they will learn it a lot quicker. You can repeat their name when you are walking by and stop to pet them, the more situations you can use your Boxer’s name in the better. Their name should be one you are proud of and not embarrassed to say out loud in public so I would probably steer clear of Tinkerbell and Buttercup as names for your Boxer puppy!