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Your Dog’s Breath

When your dog goes to give you a slobbery kiss do you accept willingly because his/her breath smells of roses or do you cringe because your dog’s breath reminds you that it is bin day tomorrow!

Our faithful friends can possess bad breath for numerous reasons. The most common culprit is that your dog has been consuming unmentionable items on your walks. When you are not observing your pooch they can be eating all sorts of things, the problem comes when your dog is exercising off the lead. They are prone to wandering out of sight from time to time and being natural scavengers they have the ability to seek out any leftovers or rotten food.

Another problem can be the fact that many dogs enjoy consuming their own faeces. This sounds repulsive to you and I but to our dogs it is actually quite a pleasant pastime, it has even been awarded its very own title, Coprophagy. If your dog is partial to this behaviour then always pick up straight away after your dog when out and about and also in your own garden this will help to alleviate the immediate attraction for your pooch, basically if it is not there they cannot eat it.

Now if your dog is not prone to Coprophagy but still has bad breath then the next thing to check is the teeth. You dog’s teeth should appear white in colour; this still applies even if your dog is older. A young dog’s teeth will be a pearly, bright white where as an older dog’s will be a duller white but the predominant colour should still be white.
If you notice that your dog’s teeth are brown or yellow or if they seem to have obvious cavities or are broken then this could well be the source of your faithful friend’s bad breath.

The best course of action in this case is to visit your vet who will more than likely recommend that your dog sees the dog dentist. It might just be a simple task of cleaning the teeth and for this your dog will be given some anaesthetic and their teeth will be scaled and any problematic cavities or broken teeth fixed. Daily brushing will help your dog’s teeth remain healthy and you can purchase toothbrushes and toothpaste in most pet shops.

Some of the canned dog foods can stay in your dog’s teeth and this in turn can cause their breath to smell bad. The dried dog foods are better for maintaining a fresher smelling breath.

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