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Yoga for Dogs

People have been feeling the benefits of performing yoga for centuries and now it seems that those benefits can be extended to our canine friends too. Many people have been attending  yoga classes with their faithful pooch at their side, now admittedly at the moment it seems to be the ‘only in America’ scenario but I am convinced this will catch on here in the UK. You do not need to attend classes as doga can be performed in your own home.
This new ‘craze’ even has its own name ‘doga’ now although this might sound like something you would ordinarily hear about on April Fools Day and just brush it to one side as a joke, it is actually true.

Attending a doga class is such a fabulous way for several dogs to socialize without the necessity for training as such, the classes are a way for the dogs to relax and unwind for a change! The classes also strengthen the bond between owner and dog as the dog needs to trust their owner implicitly, without hesitation.

The owner will perform a series of manoeuvres with their dog involving lifting, stretching and massaging. It is not just the dog’s trust that will improve through these exercises but also their health in terms of them releasing stress and tension and also improving the dog’s circulation and movement, this is especially true for arthritic canines.

To begin doga with your dog firstly you must face the fact that he/she is not a canine contortionist and therefore will not be able to adopt the typical ‘Lotus’ position! Be realistic and just consider for a moment the natural poses that your dog does adopt on a daily basis such as the well known and much loved ‘play-bow’ position. This is actually very similar to a yoga pose which is called the ‘Downward Facing Dog Pose’ so you could say that our canine friends have been practising the art of yoga for about the same amount of time as we humans have.

There are several different doga positions to try with your dog including the Heart to Hound, for this you simply need to place one hand on your own heart and one hand on your dog’s heart and then breathe slowly. This is a wonderful exercise for feeling completely in tune and at one with your pooch.

Another relaxing pose to try is the Chaturanga and for this you need to position your dog so the he/she is lying on their stomach and then all you need do to is gently stroke their back, this is very relaxing for both you and your dog.

Doga is an incredibly soothing ‘hobby’ to explore with your faithful friend and one that you can do safely in the comfort of your own home.

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