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With Brush in Hand

Grooming a puppy can be compared with wrestling a crocodile, well okay so that might be a slight exaggeration and unless you have actually wrestled a croc lately then I guess it is an unfair comparison really; but those little, razor sharp teeth are like a smaller version of a crocodile’s!

The secret is to start grooming your puppy as soon as you can as this way they will accept the routine easier. If your pup already knows the basic commands such as sit and wait your task will be less of a battle, ask him/her to sit and take a small, light puppy brush and begin gently and slowly brushing your puppy’s coat. Now most puppies will view the whole event as a huge opportunity for a game, the one where the brush becomes the ‘hunted’ along with your poor hands.

If this happens simply say ‘no’ firmly and continue on with the brushing if your pup’s stubborn and carries on place the brush down on the floor and without saying a word to your pup slowly walk away. Puppies cannot stand being ignored as they love to be the centre of attention, after approximately 5 minutes return to the same spot pick up the brush and try again.

Always praise your puppy for sitting still, you can reward with a puppy friendly treat too at this point if you wish. Grooming is the ideal chance to bond with your puppy and also the chance for a vital lesson to be taught to your young pup on trust, they will learn that you can be trusted because you are being gentle. They will also learn to respect you through grooming as even though they might display some stubbornness along the way you are still making progress and continuing to groom them.

Grooming does not have to be limited to just brushing, seize this chance to check their claws, paws, eyes, ears and teeth. Handling your puppy’s feet and legs is an important step as so many adult dogs do not take kindly to their paws being touched so if you can achieve it now whilst your dog is still a young pup it will help both you and your pup later in life.

Imagine you are a vet examining your puppy and ensure your pup becomes accustomed to being handled; the more you can do this now the better.

Even if your little bundle of fluff is as healthy as they come he/she will still require regular checkups and vaccinations at the vets so they need to be used to being handled and not only that but it makes the bond between the two of you even stronger if your puppy will allow you to handle him/her without any fuss.