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Winter Warmth

Well winter has officially arrived and so has the rain, wind, ice and snow! During this time of the year our dogs require our help to keep them warm and protected from the cold.

If your canine chum happens to be a small breed, a breed which has particularly short hair or a dog with especially thin skin such as an Italian Greyhound you should consider purchasing a doggy jacket. Some owners will put a sweater type coat on their dog throughout the cooler autumnal days and then pop them in a waterproof coat for those winter days.

One point to consider when you are selecting a jacket for your dog is that you need it to be a simple design and one that you can put on your dog easily. There is no point to the coat looking fancy with all its buttons and zips if it takes you the whole morning to actually put it on your dog! As you know dogs are great at wriggling out of situations and trying to keep your pooch still long enough to do buttons up on his/her coat will prove to be virtually impossible.

Now there are numerous dogs who just do not take kindly to wearing any clothing at all, when you think about it logically they are not designed to wear clothes and to be honest they must feel quite strange to the dog to begin with. The best method is to pop the coat on your dog indoors, just begin by putting it on and then taking it off again.

Whilst your dog is actually wearing the garment give him a nice, tasty treat as a reward for being good. If you can do this daily and gradually build up the duration of time that your dog is wearing the coat then you will discover that your dog does accept it eventually.

If you live in an area where a lot of snow falls regularly throughout the winter then you may wish to consider buying some boots for your dog to wear, as daft as you might think this sounds they really are a terrific idea.

The boots will protect your dog’s paws from the ice and the snow, older dogs in particular can really benefit from wearing boots. If your pooch is absolutely adamant that there is no way on earth they are wearing boots then ensure when they come in from a winter walk that you check their feet. Just brush off any snow or ice from their paws and make sure you check between their pads thoroughly, irritated, cracked and dry pads are common during the winter months.

When you return from a winter’s walk always rub your dog down with a towel even if he/she is dry as this will help to return some warmth back to their body. If they are wet and cold then ensure you dry them thoroughly and even use a hairdryer if necessary, it is important that you do not leave your dog wet and cold as they are likely to experience arthritis later on in their life if you do.

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