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Winter Blues

Many people assume that simply because most animals have a lovely thick coat of fur they’ll naturally keep warm throughout the colder winter months. Now whilst this might be true in some wild animals our little domesticated canines could do with some assistance in the cold.
I’m not saying to go to such lengths as electric blankets and hot water bottles just applying some simple commonsense will help.

A lot of us view clothing for dogs as silly and totally unnecessary but when it comes to the cold it can prove to be very necessary and especially so for the shorter haired breeds of dog and of course the older canines. When it’s cold pop a lovely warm knitted sweater on your dog to keep the chill away from them, you can even purchase some little boots for dogs if you feel your dog would benefit from wearing them. Footwear would be handy in heavy frosts or in the snow to stop your dog’s paws from becoming icy.

If your dog is prone to feeling the cold then try and walk them at a time of day when the temperature has had a chance to warm up a bit. Probably around mid-morning or dinnertime would be best. First thing in the morning it’ll be very cold and then throughout the afternoon the temperature will start to plummet once again.

When the weather’s especially wet and windy try and coax your pooch to wear a waterproof coat as this will help to protect them not only from the rain but also from the cold wind. Many people think that just because dogs are younger that they’ll be fine and don’t really require much protection from the cold, this is true in some ways as generally it’s the older dogs that are prone to conditions like arthritis. As they always say though prevention is better than cure. If you protect your younger dog now it’ll help in the future when he/she ages.

If your dog happens to be caught out in the rain without a coat then always ensure you dry them thoroughly, not forgetting important areas such as behind their front legs, their chests and their paws. Don’t forget if you walk in the snow with your canine chum that it’s not just cold it’s also wet, so it’s vital to dry your pooch off thoroughly when you return. Try not to stay out for hours upon hours either in the snow with your dog, as they’ll become very cold and wet.

So as you can see most of the winter ideas regarding keeping your dog warm are basically just commonsense. Remember just as you and I like nothing more than to change our wet clothes when we return from a walk your dog likes to feel dry and warm too, dogs can’t change their clothing so ensure you make them comfortable.