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Why You Should Not Have A Dog

You might think that owning a dog is the right thing to do. Perhaps you have weighed up all of the options and thought it through and are now ready to welcome a canine chum into your life.
This is great in the planning, thinking it over stage but what about in reality?
Are you always very busy at work at the moment? Do you actually have much spare time? Your new puppy or dog needs to bond with you and the only way this is going to be at all possible is if you are at home a lot initially.

You cannot simply obtain a new puppy or dog and just leave them at home. They require quality time spent with them, training needs to be carried out and they need playing with regularly. If you neglect your new canine pal during the first few weeks of them joining your home then you run the risk of them turning destructive.

Your puppy or dog will require socialising and if you not do this sufficiently you could end up with a very fearful dog. The fear that your dog holds could manifest itself as a fear based aggression towards people and other dogs. If you are a busy individual then why not wait until your life is a bit quieter and more settled? This way you can then offer the dog all the time and love that he deserves.

If you survive on a very tight budget and never really have any money spare then you will discover it that it is not easy to keep a dog. They are not free, even if given to you as a gift. Dogs cost money. There is their food to think about and this is not cheap, you need to feed a good quality food to avoid any upset stomachs.

Then there are the routine vaccinations and any other medical problems that may arise, simply walking through the vet’s door will cost you a set amount of money just for the consultation fee alone.

Your new dog or puppy will require certain items such as a food bowl, lead, collar, water bowl and much more. These are one off items but they will still cost you money initially.

Do not just acquire a dog for security purposes. They are designed to be one of the family and not just a guard dog for you and your property. Leave the guard dogs to the professionals who need them for their work such as security guards.

Another reason many people purchase a dog is just to keep their children happy. They are bored and wish for something to play with, a puppy or an adult dog is the perfect solution or so some people think. The children soon become bored though and then the care of the dog will come down to you.

If you wish to own a dog because you truly yearn for a loyal and faithful companion, someone that will shower you with unconditional love then look no further, a dog is the perfect friend for you.

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