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Who’s In Charge?

As dog owners most of us have probably encountered the term ‘hierarchy’ either through training classes, literature or the good old television shows concerning all things doggy. Many problems seem to be blamed on the hierarchy being misplaced; trainers very often like to say that the owner needs to reaffirm their position of hierarchy with their dog, which loosely translated means that the said dog is ruling the household and walking all over their traumatised owner!

According to the English dictionary the term ‘hierarchy’ means, ‘system of people or things arranged in a graded order’ so basically a pecking order.

The easiest way to think about it is to picture a pack of wolves in the wild as they always work to a hierarchy pattern, the Alpha male and female are at the top of the chain with the lonesome Omega wolf filling the lowest ranking spot.

To your dog you, and any other people sharing his/her domain are members of their pack, the trick is staying above your dog’s slot in this so called pack. You need to gain your canine chum’s respect, trust and love to even have a look in at the top position! Dogs prefer their human companions to point them in the right direction in life because they need someone to look to for leadership. They comprehend their position and their place in the pack and this ultimately makes them feel more secure in themselves.

When you acquire a puppy or an adult dog always maintain a non-coercive training programme with them from the beginning as this approach will gain you so much more respect than any bullying tactics, through shouting at your dog you will only gain correct behaviour based on pure fear and this is not the correct route to follow.

Show patience and understanding when training but also display control and firmness, your dog still needs to know that you in charge but this can be demonstrated in a kind manner and not via bellowing in your dog’s face.

Problems can arise when your dog does not observe you as the one in control anymore and this occurs when you have possibly lapsed with training regimes and allowed your faithful friend to slip into the higher ranking position in the ‘pack.’ If you feel this has happened then pick up the level of training once more and adopt the higher place back again, it can be done.

Sometimes you will discover a dog which basically is not happy unless they are the Alpha dog, generally a male but not always a big breed as even the tiniest of breeds can have the biggest of ideas, Chihuahuas are miniature in their stature but they can be very bossy in their personalities and characters. If you are finding that you own a particularly bossy dog and finding it difficult to take control then please seek the assistance of a trainer as they will be able to advise you of the best route to follow and the best approach for your individual dog.

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