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When Young Meets Old

Many people consider adding a new puppy to their family when they already own a dog. This can be for a variety of reasons one of the main ones is people feel a young puppy in the house will coax the older dog to interact and ‘come back to life’.
Whilst this does work for the majority of older dogs some might not take to the puppy at all and then the family face the heart wrenching decision to hand the puppy back, this is a point that you must consider if you are thinking about introducing a new puppy to a resident dog. The whole family must be aware that this might well be an outcome, hopefully it will not be, but please just think about your decision carefully.

Now when you bring your puppy home for the first time the initial thing to do is to fuss your resident dog, really go overboard with the fussing, they need to feel as though they are still number one as far as you are concerned. Place the puppy on the floor and allow the two to meet, do not leave them, and be on hand just in case you have to grab one of them quickly. Your dog could react in a number of different ways towards the puppy, he/she will be naturally curious and will probably have a sniff around the puppy then they will either settle down near to the pup or move away and appear to be pretty indifferent to the whole event.

Do not force anything to happen by this I mean do not purposely place them together, let them grow accustomed to one another in their own time. Your dog needs to feel that there is an escape route to catch their breath and snatch a five minute break from this little fluffy being that is full of energy!

This is where a crate comes into its own. It offers the puppy a sanctuary, a place to feel safe and it offers your dog peace and quiet and of course it offers you the opportunity to catch up with yourself as having a puppy around the house is quite a demanding thing.

Now when your puppy is peacefully sleeping and your dog is relaxed this is the ideal situation to leave them alone for the first time. It is perfect because with the puppy in his/her crate sleeping away there is no danger of any mishaps, the pup cannot wind your dog up and it introduces them slowly to being left alone together.

Just always remember that you dog was with you first and rather than completely dote on the puppy ensure that you and the rest of the household make a fuss of your dog. Make certain that the dog is fed, dried off, brushed and acknowledged first as this will reiterate to them that they are top dog and this is very important to your dog.

Observing a puppy and an older dog play together and generally just accept one another is a pure delight to watch and it is true that many dogs do benefit enormously from having a puppy in the household.

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