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When Should You Take Your Puppy To The Vet?

It depends. Most vets suggest bringing in the puppy to see a vet within the first week of bringing him or her home.Loss of Appetite

This will also depend on the recommendations of your pup’s breeder. However, some breeders give new pup owners a finite period, or within the first 72 hours after taking your little ball of fluff home.

Now let’s come to the second part of this question, i.e. what are the warning signs that owners should look for in general?

Loss of Appetite

There’re different reasons why your new pup may stop eating. Nervousness about moving to a new place is one; anxiousness is another. Puppies can also refuse to eat the canned stuff after sampling table scraps that you or your children spoil the pet with.

You can try preparing homemade food for them but if they still refuse to eat, there’s a good chance that something is wrong.


Animals can’t speak to us, but they try letting us know if something is wrong. Puppies often whimper in order to gain attention. However, sometimes your pup will be trying to communicate something about their health with their incessant whimpering and unusual noises. Pay attention! If this behaviour persists, check your pup for any injury.

You’ll have to use your best judgment here, although taking your pet to the vet is the best idea.

Licking at One Area or Scratching

Puppies love licking and scratching themselves. Yes, this behaviour is a part of being a dog. But if you notice the pup licking or scratching only one spot in particular, examine the area closely. They might be licking or scratching because of a rash or an allergy, which can be soothed by an antihistamine. First visit the vet and receive his go-ahead.

Lethargy/Lack of Energy

Part of every puppy’s developmental process requires lots of rest. However, when they aren’t napping during the day, your puppy should be a little bundle of energy.Lack of Energy

Visit the vet at once if you notice signs of lethargy in your pup: a general lack of enthusiasm or unnatural laziness. This could be a serious sign of illness, from parvo to other bacterial infections.

Remember, it’s your responsibility to look after your puppy. Playing with the pet or providing nutritious food is only part of the responsibility pet owners take when adopting a puppy.

You should also actively try to adopt a puppy that has been bred in good conditions. Find the most adorable puppy and dogs through Puppies for Sale today!