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When Dogs Dig

If walking in your own garden has become a hazard due to the fear of falling down a gaping hole kindly left by your ‘helpful’ pooch then it is time to think about training your faithful friend to stop the excavation exercise in your garden!

Before you can tackle the training to solve the problematic behaviour you need to work out why the behaviour is occurring in the first place. Now there are numerous reasons why a dog will begin to dig, they could be experiencing feelings of anxiety or possess a desire to escape or they could even be searching for shelter from the elements.

As we always say do not use punishment as a method of training your dog instead use a non-coercive method, the thing is that dogs do not really possess an awful lot of reasoning powers so if you punish them for digging then guess what? Yep, your faithful friend will more than likely simply rebel and just dig when you are not looking!

Punishment is not the answer when it comes to any dog training as you do not gain your dog’s love, trust or respect you simply gain fear.

The initial place to begin is to up your dog’s activity level, fit in some extra walks and extra playtime with you. The highest percentage of digging is born through boredom so try this option first. When you are not around leave an activity doggy toy out for your dog, the idea is to keep his/her mind active.

If there seems to be a particular location in the garden which your canine chum favours then try barricading this section off to your dog, they will soon become bored if they cannot access their favourite area to dig in.

Another idea which has worked for many dog owners living with ‘compulsive diggers’ is to actually offer them an area to continue their digging tendencies. A sandpit offers a great alternative or just a corner of the garden left as earth which you do not mind your dog digging up. You could say that this is not really training the problem out of your canine chum but rather simply encouraging the behaviour, well this it might be but at the end of the day if you do not have a problem with your dog actually digging but just with digging up your whole garden then this could be your perfect solution.

Although digging dogs can cause headaches for their owners with their behaviour, when you put it in the bigger picture of problematic pooches this is one of the minor issues as the only person they are really affecting is you.

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