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When Dog Meets Baby

It can be a very worrying and anxious time for new parents when their dog is introduced to their new baby for the first time, total jealousy in dogs of a new baby is actually very rare despite the fears and concerns of the parents.
All too often a loyal and faithful canine chum is discarded when a newborn baby arrives on the scene and this is a great shame, a well cared for and healthy dog will not prove to be a health risk to a baby. The dog and the baby as he/she grows up will probably become the best of friends and it is a sad fact that many families do not present the opportunity to witness the true friendship and bond blossom.

You have months to prepare your dog and to ensure that you have a game plan sorted out for when the baby does arrive. Knowing in your own mind prior to your baby’s arrival will help you to focus upon the introduction of your baby and dog once the time comes.
There are several steps you can take before the big day. Let your faithful friend observe items such as the cot, pushchair and baby’s toys as this will then allow them the chance to simply become accustomed to these items rather than having everything to cope with, including a new baby, later on. Now when the baby joins your household ensure that you do the following.

Allow your dog to sit down beside you each time you are attending to your baby and make sure that you talk to your dog just as you would have done prior to your baby’s arrival in your home. Remember that the baby’s cry is probably going to be a completely new sound to your dog’s ears and might come across as a distress sound. Teach your dog that it is wrong to jump up at the baby’s cot or pushchair by gently but firmly saying ‘no’ if they display signs of wanting to jump up to see what is going on.

Do not permit your canine chum to lick your baby although there will no immediate concern regarding disease it is still not the best action from a hygienic perspective as you do not know where your dog’s nose and tongue have been before they lick your baby!
Never leave your dog tied to the pushchair, this might seem like common sense to you but you will be amazed at what you will do when you are in a hurry, perhaps you are trying to lock the front door and just momentarily tie the dog’s lead to the pushchair. You are actually endangering both your dog and your baby by doing so.

Always make sure that your dog has a safe retreat and haven away from the baby, a location where the baby is not allowed would be ideal. Your dog will soon learn that this place is his/her own and a place to be away from all the chaos!

Make sure that your baby does not and cannot crawl anywhere within close proximity of where your dog is eating, keep the two issues away from one another and completely separate. Do not leave your baby and your dog together even for a second it is never worth it as it only takes this amount of time for disaster to strike.

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