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Water Puppies

Most dogs love the water, jumping in without a care in the world no matter how deep or how cold but when it comes to puppies some care should be taken as they have a habit of being as fearless as adult dogs.

Introducing your puppy to water is a great experience and one that should be carried out as early as possible, find some lovely shallow water and ensure your pup is on a lead of some sort; extending leads are fine for this as long as you can ‘reel your pup in quick if required!’ The best way of doing it is for you to stand in the water yourself either paddling in the summer months or perhaps with your wellies on in the winter months, just walk slowly around in the water without making too many splashes as this might scare your pup away.

Do not make a huge fuss or anything just enjoy the water and slowly edge your pup towards you without really saying anything, now they will normally react in one of two ways when they reach the water. The first reaction is cautious, your puppy may panic a little and not be too keen on the sensation of water on his/her paws initially, this is perfectly normal and just carry on not fussing at all. The second reaction is the one all dog owners hope for and that is total joy and excitement at the feeling of water. If this is the case you can continue and really encourage your pup into the water and possibly have a bit of a splash around together, if there are no signs of fear then you’re on a winner from the beginning.

If your puppy does show slight fear then all is not lost by any means it is simply going to take a little longer for your puppy to accept the water, so just take your time and slowly but surely encourage them to paddle their paws. Never think the quick fix is to force your pup into the water too soon as the only result you’ll gain from this is to scare your puppy, perhaps even for good, from the water.

You need the water to be viewed as fun as this will assist you with tasks such as washing your pup too, the more they relax with water the better. One of mine loves a water pistol in the summer and will sit for hours whilst the water is squirted all over her whilst the other two prefer swimming in the sea and rivers and absolutely detest the water pistol, none of the three like being bathed!