Visiting the Vet

Going to the vets with your puppy needn’t be a struggle and the easiest way to ensure that this remains the same way even when your bundle of fluff becomes a fully grown dog is to start whilst your dog’s still young.

It’s always a good idea to take your new puppy along to see the vet when you first acquire them just for a quick check-up and their initial injection. The vet will examine and weigh them. The examining part’s the important part to introducing your puppy to being handled and you can begin this at home with your puppy.

Whilst they’re so small ensure you pick them up a lot, lift their paws and check the pads and claws. Many dogs don’t appreciate their paws being looked at although they’re perfectly happy to give their paw for a ‘paw shake’ when a doggy treat is offered their way! The earlier in your puppy’s life that you can start looking at their paws the better. Gently look in your puppy’s mouth by softly pulling their jaws apart. Check their eyes and ears. All of this is a brilliant handling experience for both you and your puppy and by the time your vet visit comes around, they’ll be more used to being handled.

Your vet is your friend and they’re always there to help both of you right through your canine chum’s life. If you’re at all concerned about any aspect of your puppy’s health just consult your vet. I think we all tend to panic unnecessarily when we home our initial puppy as everything’s new to us. When I had my first puppy I went into a panic attack about anything and everything, if my puppy sneezed she was whisked up the vets, it was an expensive time for me! I’m in no way saying that you shouldn’t visit your vet with your puppy if you’re at all concerned about anything but I think it’s important to try and learn to differentiate between serious and simply yourself over exaggerating. My best friends throughout owning dogs have always been people with their own dogs as they’re always the best people to talk with if you have your own problems with your pooches. Personally I wouldn’t recommend referring to the internet too much as there are so many conflicting reports on there and if you weren’t already flapping about your puppy’s health then you probably will be after reading too much on the internet!

The best advice I can give you is to befriend other ‘doggy’ people which will be simple I can ensure you as all you have to do is walk your dog where there are plenty of other dogs and you’ll soon be yapping away. Make a good friend of your vet and if you can always visit the same vet as this way both you and your puppy/dog can build up a good relationship with them.

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