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Unusual Dog Tricks

Dog tricks can be beneficial for dogs and dog owners alike! Many dogs enjoy the challenge and mental stimulation that comes with being trained to perform tricks, while owners might get practical benefits from teaching their dogs certain behaviors; training a dog can also increase the bond between a dog and its owner or family, and teaching a dog to perform tricks is the perfect way to have a child involve in raising the family pet.

pianoThere are countless numbers of dog tricks which can be taught to a dog, although some breeds are more receptive to trick training than others. More common dog tricks include commands such as roll over, fetch, and play dead—but there are even more unusual tricks out there, which can be fun or even helpful to the household! Let’s take a look at some of the more unusual dog tricks which you can teach your dog.

Note: Many of these tricks involve teaching your dog prior commands, such as “touch,” “drop,” “pick up,” and so on. You may want to reinforce these types of commands before attempting advanced tricks to avoid frustration.

Pick Up the Laundry

Feeling a little too tired to put your dirty laundry in the basket at the end of the day? You can actually train your dog to pick it up for you! This unusual trick will take patience and practice, but the payoff is not only a great trick to show off to friends, but it will give your pet something to do!

To train your dog to do this trick: Start by teaching your dog to drop an object, such as a favorite toy, in the laundry basket. This can be accomplished in two steps: First, by teaching the dog to drop the object in a basket placed under his head; second, by teaching the dog to pick up the object and drop it into the basket. Then gradually replace the toys with dirty laundry. With practice, your dog will be able to pick up any laundry that fits safely in their mouth!

Play Piano

Your dog may not be a Mozart, but you can still teach him to play the piano! This creative parlor trick will impress party guests and family members alike. To teach your dog this trick, you will first need to teach your dog to paw a specific object, such as a disc. Place the disc on the floor and reward your dog every time he paws it. Eventually, he will learn that every time he touches the disc, he gets praised.

Once the dog has made this association, you can replace the disc with a smaller object. Continue replacing the objects with smaller and smaller targets until you can place the target on top of the piano keys. Repeat the training until the dog will paw the piano keys without the target.

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