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Understanding the Difference between Male and Female Dogs

Thinking of adopting a puppy? This thought is almost always followed by: a male or female? Is it important to consider the gender when adopting?  It is, especially if you live in a multi-dog home.

Same Sex Dogs Can Increase Tension, Rivalry, and Aggression in the Household

You won’t have any trouble when the new addition is a puppy, but as dogs grow older, they may show signs of aggression, tension and rivalry if living under the same room as other dogs of the same sex.Male and Female Dogs

Sometimes, even family members (littermates, mother-daughter, and father-son) don’t see eye to eye and fight in a constant show of dominance.

All of this and more makes it important to know what sex will be preferable before contacting a puppy or dog seller.

Differences between Male and Female Dogs

You may know of the saying: Adopt a male dog, if you want a good dog. If, however, you want a great dog, adopt a female and then cross your finger, i.e. hope for the best.

Hoping for the best won’t get you a good dog, but understanding the following differences may help you make a good choice.



Male dogs are affectionate and demand the most attention of their humans. They love to be pampered and dole out just as much affection as their humans give them.

Female dogs, on the other hand, are generally more independent and have inconsistent focus on their human companions. In short, female dogs are very much like cats, especially when compared to male dogs.   



TrainingAs compared to males, females are easier to train. Male dogs tend to get easily distracted and remain like goofy, playful children nearly their whole lives. Therefore, training them can be somewhat difficult.

If you wish to enter your dog in the competitive world of dog shows, it’s a good idea to adopt a male dog as their eagerness to please humans overcome their tendency to become easily distracted.


Good with Children

Thinking of adopting a puppy or dog in London but have little ones of your own? While almost any dog can prove to be a loving furry companion for your child, female dogs are believed to be the better choice for children (of any age). Their naturally nurturing and protective nature is an important factor.

Male dogs, on the other hand, may get a little energetic with your kids sometimes, due to viewing them as playmates.

Another difference that should be considered when choosing the gender is the operation. Pet dogs are required to go through neutering for males and spaying for females.

There isn’t much difference between males and females of the dog species, if we really think about it. If you wish to adopt a puppy who will be easier to train than a fully grown dog, browse through our catalogue of puppy for sale in the UK.