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Twice The Fun

More and more people these days own two dogs and whilst this means double the fun and games it also equals double the work and time. If you think dealing with four muddy paws throughout the winter is bad enough then try eight muddy paws!
There will not be just the one excited and happy dog meeting and greeting you when you return home but two of them and of course there is the rather large matter of the financial side of owning two dogs. Twice the food, worming and flea/tick treatments, vet costs, insurance and kennels for two and not one.

Some dogs follow each other absolutely everywhere and can become very dependent on their canine friend, it can almost seem as though you have just the one dog and not the two separate ones. This is generally observed in dogs which are close in age to one another and displays itself by the dogs appearing to be incapable of doing much on their own without the other dog with them, they lack individual confidence.

When you have two children sharing their household you encourage them to develop their own personalities and characters well it should be the same when you have two dogs, it is important for them to still bond with their owners and to be able to spend time apart from their canine companion from time to time. Even if they sleep apart or spend some time in a different room just so they can also develop their own personality and spend time alone with their owners.

I am by no means suggesting that you should separate your dogs for hours on end each day but simply gently entice them to spend a little time apart from each other if you can as this will help them to develop as individuals.

When it comes to walking two dogs at the same time it can prove to be challenging, big dogs will pull harder and usually in opposite directions to each other and the small dogs have a tendency to run underneath your feet. Some people find it easier to walk the dogs with one on either side of them whilst others prefer to walk them both on the same side; this is really down to personal choice and what feels better for you.

You need to always maintain control over both of the dogs and this is often easier and quicker if they are walking on separate sides, this offers you the individual control over each dog.

If you decide to walk both of the dogs on the one side of you then you might wish to purchase a ‘coupler’ this is a small chain which is used as a link to attach from one dog’s collar to the other dog’s collar. A lead then attaches to a link on the chain; one lead can then be used to walk both dogs.

Having two dogs living with you is a delight, watching them playing and running together is great fun, just be sensible and ensure they are trained well. The last thing you want is two out of control dogs because then twice the fun has changed to twice the problem.

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