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Travelling with your dog

If you are buying a puppy then you have made the right decision, a dog is truly man’s best friend.  They are like children in the house and some breeds expect a lot of love and care. They enjoy being with their owner and you will also get quite attached to your new friend. Travelling with your new pet is not a problem at all; a lot of people including a lot of celebrities like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears take their dogs everywhere!
When it comes to travelling with your dog there are a few things you need to keep in mind and a few items you might need to buy if you don’t already own them. If your new puppy is not used to being in the car it’s best to start out slow and let him or her get a chance to get used to driving. Take short drives around the block or to the shop – after a few days they will know what to expect and start enjoying the little trips. Give your dog a treat when they behave well.

Get into the habit of packing a water bottle, bowl and food. This might not be so important if you only take short trips but you never know when the car will break down or if something happens along the way – so short or long trip – it doesn’t matter, always have water and food ready for your puppy / dog. A lot of dogs start to act out when they become hungry and thirsty so spare yourself some trouble by planning ahead. Travelling with your new friend also means you need to have a blanket and a few toys, they should be happy or else they will dislike travelling.

When going on holiday far away, you might need to take your dog onto an airplane. When travelling with your dog by air, you need to phone the airport in advance to get details from them about the procedures of letting an animal on the plane. You might need to get some paperwork from your vet to show that your dog has had all his vaccines and that they are healthy.

The airport will be able to tell you all about the costs involved in having your dog on the plane with you. Travelling with your animals can sound like a huge process, but it’s not. You just need to start planning ahead and make all the necessary arrangements. This will ensure that everything goes smoothly and that you have a fairly stress free time on the day you have to depart.

Let the information in this article guide you, but most importantly look at your dogs behavior and let that tell you what makes them happy or unhappy. If travelling with your dog seems almost impossible, talk to professionals at a dog training institution in your area – they will definitely be able to give you some pointers!

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