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Travelling with your Dog

Most dogs can be trained to become excellent travellers and actually look forward to going in the car. This is especially true if you begin their training when they are still young. The only problem with this is that unfortunately your little puppy’s initial journey by car will more than likely be to the vet.
Where after their first introduction to your car they will encounter people prodding them with big needles and the whole occasion will turn out to be a nightmare.

You need to show your dog that the car can be associated with pleasant trips and not just visits to the vet. Begin by driving to somewhere within close proximity to your home such as a park or field. Choose a location that your dog can run around and generally have fun in after the short journey.

Ensure that your travelling companion is secure and safe either via a dog crate or by wearing a dog seatbelt. The last thing you wish to happen is that your dog jumps in the front of the vehicle whilst you are driving.

Most puppies and dogs are car sick to begin with because of the motion, remember most of them are not used to travelling by car at all. If this happens then do not fuss your little canine friend just simply clean it up and make nothing of the incident. Some dogs and puppies are not sick even if they are not accustomed to car travel but you have to be aware that they could be.

It is not advisable to allow your dog to put its head outside of the car window whilst travelling along because the dust could irritate their eyes and nostrils. Do not leave your dog alone in your car as they can become very distressed and they are susceptible to heat exhaustion.

If you are planning a long trip with your dog then ensure that you pack some essential items such as a blanket for your dog, a water bowl, a flask of water, some food, toys and any necessary medication.

Do not feed your dog a heavy meal before your car journey but do ensure that he/she has access to plenty of water. Stop several times along your route so your dog can relieve itself frequently, the fresh air and a quick stretch of the legs will do you both the world of good.

If you need to stop somewhere for the night there are plenty of hotels and guesthouses that accept dogs these days. It is good to take your dog out and about in the car with you as it offers them variety.

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