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Training Regime

Throughout history man and dog have been together in one way or another and the relationship has often been studied extensively to try and understand the way both ‘animals’ work in conjunction with each other.
It has been thought that if the relationship can be better understood then maybe we could learn how to train our dogs in a better way.

Now to be honest there are as many actual dog training strategies as there are dog owners in the world. Just about each individual owner will approach their training routine with their dog in a different way to the next. There is not one, single method of dog training which will work for each and every dog as, just like people, dogs are all different and very much individual characters.

This said though there are some very common traits which do seem to be apparent throughout the successful dog training world.

The starting point of any good dog training regime is to train under a positive reinforcement system. This does not mean that you have to use a clicker for dog training if you do not wish to it simply means that dogs have been proven to train and learn commands quicker if their behaviour is rewarded. It is true that most dogs will also learn not to repeat behaviour through fear but dogs learning via such a negative technique will encounter so many more problems along the way than a dog taught through a positive method.

Another good point is to not try to train your dog when he/she is at their most active, an exercised dog is a happy dog. Ensure that you take your faithful friend out for a good walk prior to commencing their training, with your dog in a good frame of mind and feeling contented you will discover that they are more likely to learn quicker.

Remember that your dog has not signed up to be in a ‘canine boot camp’ it is just training with you. Your dog needs to view the training as a time designated for them to spend some valuable and enjoyable time with their owner. Do not approach the training sessions in a serious manner but rather with a smile on your face and a positive attitude, your dog will pick up and tune in to the way you are feeling immediately.

Just because your dog is now obeying the basic obedience commands this does not mean that the training now has to cease completely, dog training should be ongoing as even older dogs can and do learn new tricks and commands.

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