Toys for Dogs

Puppy and dog toys come in all shapes and sizes, so much so that it can be quite a daunting task selecting a toy from the huge array available in pet shops today.

Now your initial task is to decide what you want your canine chum to actually do with the toy, and don’t just say ‘play’! There are puppy and dog toys designed more towards fetching, chewing, swimming, training and even toys to make your doggy friend think and interact. The last group come mainly in the form of board games for dogs, yes you did read that correctly, the general concept’s the same for each one. Your dog has to work out what to do in order to receive a tasty treat, they actually have to use their nose or paw to move objects.

A similar idea to these toys are the range of Kong toys that you can fill with either a paste or dry doggy treats, they’ve an opening on one end and the trick’s for your clever pooch to work out how to access the goodies inside. The range includes smaller sized Kongs specifically designed with puppies in mind and soft Kongs for mouthing purposes.

With the swimming toys please always ensure that they do actually float. I know it will say that it floats but please always do check prior to your dog splashing through the water after it. I mention this as we had a worrying episode with our collie last summer, the ‘floating’ ball was thrown into a deep part of the river which we know well and know that our collie can swim well. On this occasion the ball didn’t float and neither did our dog! He tried to dive down after the rapidly sinking ball luckily both the ball and dog were fine, but this just goes to prove that every so called ‘floating’ toy should be tested first.

Whatever the type of toy you choose the key is to always have fun with your canine chum, dogs adore interaction as they’re social, pack animals. Playing with your pooch also presents the ideal opportunity to form a stronger bond and to do some training with them if required as nothing keeps your dog’s attention like their favourite toy!

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