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To Neuter or not to Neuter?

When it comes to neutering your dog there are so many conflicting opinions regarding the topic that it can become very bewildering to owners.
Some people have only negative points concerning neutering and some have only positive comments. To be honest the only negative point that is 100% fact is that whether you are neutering a male dog or spaying a female dog both of the processes are irreversible.

It is recommended that male dogs are neutered between the ages of 6 and 12 months old. Many dog trainers say that around 9 months is the perfect time to neuter a male dog because they have then ‘found’ themselves and become more of an adult dog in their behaviour. If you neuter a dog too young they have not been given the opportunity to become an adult dog first.

The biggest benefit of neutering male dogs is that it will ease their roaming habits; entire male dogs can literally sniff out a female dog that is in heat from many miles away. The problem is that the male dog becomes so focussed on the smell of the female dog that he forgets everything that lies between him and the female.

Male dogs will dig their way out of gardens and roam across busy roads just to reach the female dog in question. Neutering can also stop urine scenting in the house and aggression to other male dogs. A lot of the undesirable behaviour observed in male dogs is connected with them having high testosterone levels so neutering assists with this.
Neutering also helps with certain health risks in the male dog such as tumours and hernias.

Spaying female dogs is a more complicated operation and takes a longer duration to complete. Vets recommend spaying to take place before the bitch has her first season so 6 months old is a good age. Many people say that she should have a season first but, as with the male dog, there are many conflicting reports concerning this topic.

Talk to your vet and make up your own mind, vets are always more than happy to advise clients on the care of their pets.

One big advantage with having your female spayed is that the risk of her having certain types of cancer is reduced.

Common myths that surround the subject are that dogs become extremely overweight and lazy after the operation but this will only occur if the dog is overfed and not exercised enough. Another common one is that afterwards a dog’s personality will be completely different. The friendly nature will go and they will not be sociable anymore, this is untrue as a dog’s personality is more about genes and their environment than their sex hormones.

The biggest excuse is that the operation costs a small fortune and that owners cannot afford the price. The point to remember is the fact that it is only going to happen once and most vets will try to come to an amicable arrangement concerning payment as to them it is very important to neuter / spay dogs.

You must be prepared to spend money when you take a dog on if you are not prepared to do this then you should really think twice before taking on a puppy or an adult dog.

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