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The Shy Dog

Owning a shy dog can certainly be a challenge and involve a lot of hard work on both the owner’s and the dog’s part. Coupled with the challenge though is a massive sense of reward when your meek and mild faithful friend faces the world with a newly discovered sense of courage.

Fearful canines come in all shapes and sizes and it is not just the smaller breeds which can display shyness, some of the little dogs such as Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers can have nerves of steel whilst a big and sturdy Rottweiler could be as timid as a mouse.

The key to unlocking a dog’s braver side is patience, if you are aware of your canine chum’s shy qualities then proceed slowly. There is no point in placing your dog in a situation which is going to highlight their fear, for instance if you know your dog does not cope well with a lot of strange dogs around him/her then do not purposely position them around other dogs. You could think that this will automatically make your faithful friend ‘face their fears’ and improve instantly but this is not the case.

By ‘forcing’ the issue you will only make it worse as the only thing you will gain is a more fearful dog, you are simply showing your dog its worst nightmare right in front of its eyes!

You need to build upon a solution so therefore in this instance you would let your dog meet perhaps only one other dog initially and then gradually let this move on to two dogs and so on until your dog appears relaxed with several other dogs for company.

Most fear based problems require the same approach; another common canine shyness difficulty can be not knowing how to react to people. The easiest way to combat this is by enlisting the help of a friend and asking them to approach your dog slowly, not looking at them, whilst you have your dog’s lead hold. Dogs naturally feel restricted whilst wearing their collar and lead and the panic arises because they feel they cannot move away from the object which is causing them the upset.

As your friend is walking towards you and your dog keep calm and relaxed yourself as this will assist your dog, do not pay any attention to your friend instead keep walking and ask them to continue. Instruct them to ignore your dog and keep walking on paying no attention at all to either you or your dog. This action will show your canine chum that there is nothing to worry about and everyone can stay perfectly calm.

A lot of dogs are fearful of new situations so simply take your time and introduce new experiences to your shy dog or puppy slowly and in a relaxed manner.

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