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The Responsibility

If you are planning on a new canine addition joining your household soon then you need to be completely aware of the responsibility involved with owning a dog. Yes being a dog owner is a lot of fun and very enjoyable but it is also a bigger responsibility than a lot of potential owners realize.

Now the initial point to think about is the time you honestly have to look after your dog, whether you have opted for a puppy or an adult dog they will both require a lot of time and attention from you, especially in the beginning. Do not assume that simply because you are taking on an adult dog that it will not require the same amount of training as a puppy, in fact you could not be further from the truth with this thought to be honest. An adult dog can be harder to train as he/she would have developed some bad habits by now and if they have never had anyone to correct them they are going to take a lot of convincing that your way is indeed the right way!

Ideally when your new faithful friend joins your household you need to be there on a permanent basis at least in the beginning, your puppy/dog will appreciate you being around to guide them in the correct direction. It is in your best interest to be at home as you can then prevent any accidents happening instead of coming home to find it looking like a teenager’s bedroom!

Your four legged friend will need housetraining and obviously regular basic training such as sit, wait and walking on the lead. Everyone living in your household must have the same commitment towards your new dog as you and stick to their training as you are doing.

Consider the cost of owning a dog as many people only think about actually purchasing the dog and do not tend to see much further than this but you must think about the dog’s food, vet bills, insurance and sundries such as food bowls, collars, toys and leads.

One of the most important points to think hard about is which breed of dog to choose because they come in so many different shapes and sizes and not only that but they also possess varying personalities and breed specific traits. The Border collie for one is used to being busy and has countless amounts of energy so if you prefer to take a leisurely stroll with your dog steer clear of the working, energetic breeds.

Owning a dog does involve work and dedication and on the odd occasion you will look out of the window at the rain and wind and wish you had settled for a pet goldfish, but for all the wet walks and commitment from you your dog will reward you with unconditional love from the bottom of their heart and will always be there for you when you need that comforting paw the most.

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